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Mount Teranaki

I’ve seen a lot in my life and another couple of funny signs will appear on this blog shortly, but this one is seriously funny. A 1 hour walk to the hooker shelter, can hiking get any more rewarding than that? 🙂 Only a half hour hike further there is some private stuff going on… […]

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How to drown in New Zealand

How a day of fun could have turned into a funeral. Drowning is a scary business, but very realistic when jumping into a kayak without any experience and capsizing. Last Wednesday (04-01-2012) Wilfried (see in the picture), Iwona (taking the picture hence not in it) and myself went kayaking on the Whanganui river.   I […]

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Tongariro crossing – Hiking in New Zealand

Tongariro crossing. A walk starting at 8.15 in the morning till 16.00. This is a hike with the most amazing views. From a place that looks like the desert, to amazing volcanic mountains, sulphur filled lakes, a wonderful blue lake, terraces and jungle with streams and raging water. It wasn’t always easy, but we all made […]

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Breaking and entry – my new career

Having evaded this enormous guard dog and the vicious puss in boots I scaled the wall, crawled over the roof and broke into the house ninja style. Alright, alright, the dog looks huge but doesn’t hurt a fly, the cat was as sweet as pie and misplaced its boots and I used a ladder the […]

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Drinking with the boys

Tequila for all – a real boys night out in Auckland My first night out with the boys in Auckland. Not knowing what to expect I left the office with my colleagues for a ‘boys night out’.   They scared me real bad whilst we were in the car. Not because of the rather interesting […]

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Another rainy day in Auckland

Watching the news about Nelson (on the South Island of New Zealand) you may have mistaken this bit of paradise for the other, water plagued, paradise called Thailand (namely Bangkok). The water coming down the hill like a small tsunami taking buildings and cars along on its way down. Here in Auckland small streams were […]

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Rain in Auckland

Following the good example of a typical New Zealander (so I’m told) I decided to completely ignore the rain this morning. You see in New Zealand there is no bad weather, it never gets cold and doesn’t rain. When I arrived at work, a whole 10 minutes walk from my apartment, I discovered that the […]

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