Mount Teranaki

Nothing is too much in NZ! Hooker shelter? Why not?

I’ve seen a lot in my life and another couple of funny signs will appear on this blog shortly, but this one is seriously funny. A 1 hour walk to the hooker shelter, can hiking get any more rewarding than that? šŸ™‚

Only a half hour hike further there is some private stuff going on… lets not read into that!

Misty mount Teranaki Wilkies pool

A cool trip with Heidi, Phil and Mark to New Plymouth for a concert (really good) led Mark and myself to wonder around the great mount Teranaki.

I had no idea that the Mount Fuji as seen in the movie the Last Samurai is actually mount Teranaki as many claim. Well it isn’t!!!

Although the movie was shot in the Teranaki area the Mount Fuji in the movie is the real dealĀ superimposed using CGI of Mount Fuji as seen from Yokohama. So, we learned something today! (follow this wiki link if you don’t buy it)

Nevertheless, it was fantasticĀ hiking up to the Wilkies pools on mount Teranaki during fog and rain. The view was stunning and could be straight out of a movie… including the LastĀ Samurai.

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