Breaking and entry – my new career

Enormous guard dog

Scary guard dog demonstrating with a stick how he will handle any burglar

Vicious puss in boots

Puss in boots protecting the house

Having evaded this enormous guard dog and the vicious puss in boots I scaled the wall, crawled over the roof and broke into the house ninja style.

Alright, alright, the dog looks huge but doesn’t hurt a fly, the cat was as sweet as pie and misplaced its boots and I used a ladder the get on the roof.

The roof however was darn steep and I had to crawl up. Afraid I’d slip or the roof tiles would give way I slowly moved towards the balcony, climbed the balustrade. How I got in from there I’ll keep a secret 🙂

In the end, after crawling around on the roof like an idiot, I decided not to switch careers after all.

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