Giant in Thailand

A giant in Bangkok, Thailand

The giant in Thailand

Mentioning the paradise of Thailand in my last post I figured it’s time to revisit my Thailand trip of October 2011

Mam and dad joined me on this last holiday before my move to NZ.
Bangkok was already in trouble when we got there. The water was high in the river and parts of the city were slightly flooded. Sandbags everywhere and people quickly building walls to protect their houses and shops from the approaching water.
I on the other hand was introduced to some lovely ladies who showed us the city, the restaurants, China town and more.
I can tell you that the absolute best way to explore the most wonderful parts of a place is being show by someone local.
Next post, whilst the days in Auckland are seemingly getting better, I’ll tell you about Chiang Mai, the city, the temples, the waterfall and the elephants.
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