Another rainy day in Auckland

Watching the news about Nelson (on the South Island of New Zealand) you may have mistaken this bit of paradise for the other, water plagued, paradise called Thailand (namely Bangkok).

Amazing view of Cornwall park in Auckland by rain

Cornwall park in Auckland by rain

The water coming down the hill like a small tsunami taking buildings and cars along on its way down.

Here in Auckland small streams were rushing down the road sides yesterday. No wonder as this city is build on many a small, but steep, hill.

One of those hills is one-tree-hill in Cornwall park. With good weather you can actually see the monument on top of the hill, but the rain made that quite impossible.

I’ll be house sitting right next to the park sometime soon. A huge, trust me, HUGE dog will be my company for the week together with two cats and a dozen fish.

Hopefully, being right next to one of the more beautiful parks of Auckland the weather will be more like today, nice and sunny.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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