Korean super toilet

A hyper modern Korean toilet with buttons for everything

Click to enlarge. A hyper modern Korean toilet with buttons for everything

As it is still poring down with non existing rain here in Auckland – blame the Aussies for sending it over – it seemed like a great idea to revisit a water related feature in Korea.

When I encountered this toilet like thing in my hotel during my trip to Korea in October I had absolutely no idea how it works and what it does.

The best way to discover it to stand well clear whilst carefully pressing a button.

When a scary little tube come out of nowhere you’re just happy not to be sitting on that toilet. Don’t even want to know where that goes….

It worked out to spray water, with considerable force, straight up and nothing more. Thank goodness for that. For a moment there I got a very weird feeling about the Koreans.

Click the image for the full sized image on which the different toilet options are visible.



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